About me

I am a largely self-taught type designer from New York. I started this blog in late July of 2014. I have made over fifteen fonts (mostly script faces). These include:

Free Monogram (2014, GPL)

A decorative typeface for setting traditional three-letter preppy monograms. I released it under GPL since it had to be decomposed for very core-level usage in a computer program. Free Monogram only includes an A–Z character set because of its usage environment.

Rainbow Mansion (2014)

A decorative serif typeface. It was designed to be both fun and clean looking at the same time. Rainbow mansion started out as an envelope hand lettering job I did.

Sugarcubes (2014)

A cute but consistent geometric slab serif. The font is is many ways decorative, but it also works for passages of text (paragraph or shorter), and it includes a very extensive character set. Sugarcubes also had a bold version (which in hindsight was poorly designed).

Compass (2013)

A very geometric typeface I made based on some signage I hand lettered. It has three weights and a ridiculously expansive character set. I think of it as one of my worst designs but for some reason the font was very popular on Dafont. Who knew.

Pineapples don’t have Sleeves (2012)

My best friend’s handwriting, made into a font with two weights. The name comes from a standardized test passage that year (“Pineapple-gate”). Of all the typefaces I’ve designed Pineapples was the most popular, despite it being one of the first fonts I ever made. Pineapples has loads of accented glyphs but lacks several key punctuation marks like the curly apostrophes and dashes. I added some of the missing glyphs later, but I still have to fill in the rest.

Maritime Tropical Neue (2012)

A cute handwritten typeface I made back in 2012. Maritime includes a bold face which turned out almost as good as the regular font itself.

Beautiful Flaws (2012)

Another girly handwritten typeface. The font is popular enough that I’ve actually found it used around.

I’ve made many other fonts besides these seven but I’m not going to list them here because I don’t think they represent my best work. You can still find them on dafont though.